Virtual keyboard.
Virtual keyboard is used to reduce the risk of Keystroke Logging by malicious software (malware). It is more difficult for a malware to monitor the display and mouse to obtain the data entered via virtual keyboard than it is to monitor real keystrokes from a physical keyboard.

All Banks are providing their customers Internet Banking facility. Through this facility customer can perform account related activities from their home computer having Internet connection. For using this facility, Banks provide User Name (or User ID) and Password to login into Internet Banking Website. Using virtual keyboard while login, you remain on safer side.

The Virtual Keyboard protects you from Keystroke Logging Applications. Keystroke Logging Applications are developed for recording whatever you type on your Computer Keyboard. For example- if you type password from keyboard, every keystroke will be recorded by these malware.

These Keystroke Logging applications gets installed on Computer without your knowledge, silently monitors and records each keystroke and then pass them to the person who developed these Applications. Now this developer (cyber-criminal) may easily extract your Net Banking User ID & Password. These softwares are generally installed over various Cyber Cafe/Internet Cafe computers. They may also present in your personal computer if anti-virus/ anti-spyware/ firewall is not installed and continuously updated. But with a Virtual Keyboard, you type your password by means of Mouse Clicks. And your mouse clicks on the Virtual Keyboard are certainly very hard to record/ monitor. So next time you go to your Internet Banking Login Page, donít forget to make use of Virtual Keyboard for enhanced security.